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About me

Hi there. I’m Mary Davis — the creative behind ‘MaryMaker Designs."

I’m a retired Communications Specialist who, since my earliest creative days, loved to experiment with color and design. My own journey started out with me (regardless of admonition by adults) rebelliously coloring outside the lines (as well as developing a deep graphic-design fixation via my ‘old school’ Spirograph.) 

Since that time, my skills have blossomed, and my creative desire has morphed into fervently seeking out the many cutting-edge tech tools available to us creatives in the modern age, then sharing those discoveries with others. (However, I also still enjoy more traditional pursuits like sewing and needle arts — although you’ll NEVER, EVER find me crocheting a dishcloth!)  

Nowadays, I focus on 'making beautiful things', often melding mediums and integrating old-school design and digital technology. 

Thanks for stopping by, and whatever you do …

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