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Licensing & Terms of Use

Licenses are the permissions that a creator grants to a buyer, client, or publisher. There are many different types of licenses and permissions -- mine are detailed below. 


Free items for personal use. May not sell, nor modify the design.


You can use and even modify the item, but not offer the derivative work for sell or re-sell. 


You can modify & use the item to make and sell your own derivative product. You cannot sell or re-sell the original design. 



For multiple computers, and/or employees. Contact us for details and pricing.

Understanding & Respecting Copyright

A copyright is established immediately upon creation of a new literary or artistic work. The work does not have to be registered in order to create a copyright.  

Creatives work hard to produce their end products, and many of their livelihoods are dependent upon the income generated from the sale of those works. 

Please, ALWAYS respect copyright -- both for my products, as well as for any you come across online.

You can learn more about copyright, licensing, and creative attribution here

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